Turtle Wax® Inc. T-49 F21T Tire Foam and Shine Cleaner, T49R1

$ 28.37

Brand Turtle Wax® Inc.

  • Nanotechnology formula combined with Sun-Stop® forms a tight layer of protective polymers to provide protection against the sun's UVA/UVB rays and help prevent premature fading and cracking of your sidewalls
  • Blend of polymers and silicones provides an extremely high level of shine that dries to the touch and will not spin-off on to side panels
  • No wiping required—Just spray on and walk away
  • Pack of 6 CA
  • Manufacturer part number: T49R1
  • UPC Code: Unavailable

  • Capacity Vol. [Nom] = 21 oz
  • Packing Type = Aerosol Can
  • Wt. = 1.71 lb
  • This item is a non-stock item. Lead time may be upwards of 4 weeks.