Tabletop QuikMelt Pro-100oz

$ 439.00

Brand TableTop

Works effectively with gold, silver, lead, copper, zinc and more.The QuikMelt Pro 100 is a top leading kiln, it's the perfect solution for the metal treating artist looking for mobility. Offering the best functionality and portability with its ultra-light 10 lb compact design. The QuikMelt 100 comes with 100 oz crucible, digital control panel, 1500 watts of power and rapidly heats to over 2200 F for all your metal working needs.

  • Multi-Input Digital Controller
  • Max Firing Temp. of 2200˚ F
  • Eight Minute Firing Cycle
  • Plugs into standard household outlet
  • Outside dimensions: 6" X 6" X 12" and it weighs in at 10 lbs


**Due to the nature of raw steel under extreme temperatures, the steel surface will experience tempering and coloration changes.