Stanley® Products Tether-Ready Drive Deep Sockets, 3/8 in Drive, 18 mm, 1 3/16 in L, 12 Points, 5218M-TT

$ 20.59

Brand Stanley® Products

  • Manufactured with four detent holes so that the pin detent will engage correctly regardless of the direction the socket is placed on the square drive
  • The Positive Control System requires a separate tool to attach or remove the socket, meaning it cannot be removed without specific intent
  • Chrome finish is applied after the holes are bored for better corrosion resistance
  • Ideal for use on stubborn or damaged fasteners, and also on fasteners made from soft materials
  • The TorquePlus™ design is a high performance drive configuration which allows for quick and easy socket engagement to the fastener flats, not the corners
  • The TorquePlus™ configuration employs a radius-corner design, shifting contact area and stress away from the fastener corners and distributing contact stresses over a large area of the socket, minimizing slippage
  • The TorquePlus™ internal design minimizes fastener rounding, helps to extend fastener life, and allows the user to more easily turn worn, rounded, or rusted fasteners
  • Pack of
  • Manufacturer part number: 5218M-TT

  • Wt.: 0.12 lb
  • Type: Drive Socket
  • Width [Nom]: 61/64 in
  • Overall Length [Nom]: 1 3/16 in
  • Finish: Full Polish
  • Measuring System: Metric
  • Opening Size [Nom]: 18 mm
  • Drive Size [Nom]: 3/8 in
  • No. of Points: 12
  • Head Width [Nom]: 61/64 in
  • Locking Type: Pin
  • Tip Type: Hex
  • Drive Type: Square
  • Socket Length: 1 3/16 in
  • This item is a non-stock item and lead times may be upwards of 4 weeks.