Palmgren Air Operated Bench Press

$ 1,950.00


Air operated bench presses offer economy and efficiency for pressing operations in assembly lines for transforming, joining and other assembly operations that require forces from a few pounds to tons of force. They reduce the cost of both implementation and actual production in your assembly and pressing operations. These small compact presses are ideal when precision matters for your crimping, bending, forming, pressing, swaging, riveting and burnishing or any other task that may require the use of small pneumatic presses for your production floor. 


Easy hook-up — just attach to your shop air supply

• Heavy duty cast iron frame and t-slotted base ensure precision work
• Non-rotating double acting ram eliminates guide pins on most tooling
• Chrome plated piston rod resists rust and ensures long operating life
• Polyurethane rod wiper protects cylinders from dust and contaminants
• Air filter / regulator ensures clean and continuous air flow to press
• Easily adjusted ram speed, pressure and stroke allow accurate control of ram movement
• Easy change over to different tool and part heights via height adjustment crank
• Pre-drilled and counterbored hole in end of ram with two locking screws for easy and secure tool mounting
• Two hand safety circuitry — equipped with dual-palm push start buttons that require both to be engaged before the ram will move and cannot be mechanically by-passed