Nasco ArcWear Waist Length Jacket Liner

$ 251.46

Brand Nasco

Elastic waist, zipper front, Nomex knit cuffs, fall protection access, side openings with zipper closure, 2 pockets, 3M 9720 Scotchlite around sleeves, waist, harness on front, X on back, attachment points for MP3 and Omega jackets. NASCO offers fleece and insulated liners to add warmth and versatility to our ArcWear and PetroWear products. They can be used as a stand alone jacket or as a removable liner. Either way, the added options to an outerwear program mean more value.
Recommended Applications: Gas & Electric Utility Line Workers, Telecommunications & CATV Installation, Oil Refineries, Gas & Oil Service Contractors, Gas & Oil Drilling
  • Removable
  • Insulated
  • Electric Arc Resistance
  • Flash Fire Resistance
  • Fall Protection Access