MSA Ventilation Smoke Tubes for Use in Mine; Shafts; Tunnels and More, 458480

$ 423.14

  • Used for controlled generation of visible smoke to determine velocity of slow-moving air currents and establish direction and flow patterns in shafts, mines and tunnels
  • Ideal for commercial buildings and industrial processing plants to determine velocity and flow patterns of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems
  • Has break-off tips
  • Pack of 12 PKG
  • Manufacturer part number: 458480
  • UPC Code: 641817007389

  • Color = Gas color change: Gray to Black (ethylenediamine); White (acetic acid)
  • Type = Ventilation Smoke Tube
  • Usage = Mine; Shafts; Tunnels; Commercial Buildings; Industrial Processing Plants
  • Wt. = 0.04 lb
  • This item is a non-stock item. Lead time may be upwards of 4 weeks.