MSA 10090592 Galaxy Automated Test System

$ 1,845.00

Brand MSA

MSA Galaxy® Automated Test System designed for Altair® 5/5X pumped smart system provides versatility, durability and allows ease of use. It provides simplicity, great performance and withstands tough environments. System is ideal for combustible detection, toxic detection and oxygen detection. System offers an easy way to test MSA instruments. System is suitable for use with Solaris®, Orion®, Sirius® and Altair® multigas detectors. It is a complete standalone and does not require any user intervention, computer or network interface. System performs test automatically when the instrument is placed in the test stand. System test stand incorporates pre-connected tubing for simple and fast setup and the optional cylinder holder allows for easy connection of calibration gas to the test stand, completing the setup. System does not have door and operates in any mode with a simple push of the instrument's test button to initiate calibration. System has test stand with automated record keeping capabilities eliminating the need of keep handwritten records of an instrument's calibration history. It can be used to interconnect up to 10 modules for easy expandability. System includes pump, 1 cylinder holder, charging and memory card. Affordable system meets CE standards and has 2 year warranty.
  • Completely standalone-no user intervention, computer, or network interface required
  • Optional network interface available for wired (Ethernet) networks
  • Available for Solaris® Multigas Detector, Sirius® Multigas Detector, ALTAIR® Single-Gas Detector, and ALTAIR® Pro Single-Gas Detector
  • Calibration system works without the touch of a single button
  • Simply place the instrument in the test stand and the system performs the test automatically, no user intervention is required
  • The Galaxy System is completely standalone, it does not require a computer or network interface for any mode of operation