MSA 10076692 Altair Quick-Check Station

$ 347.24

Brand MSA

MSA North American Version Altair® QuickCheck® Station with manual regulator is designed to use with Altair® and Altair® Pro single-gas detectors. The unit’s easy to read displays and test indicator settings minimize the risk of mistaken test results. Unit is designed to test Altair gas detectors sequentially for visual alarm activation, vibrating alarm activation, audible alarm activation and verification and sensor gas response. Systems test station is capable of recording the date, time and test results internally. The testing device also notifies users of the testing progress with a variety of easy to understand visual LED indicators. System is portable and the typical testing time is under 30 sec.

  • Station is compatible with all 3 Altair Detector versions (CO, H2S and O2) and with Altair Pro O2, H2S, CO, CO Fire and CO Steel Detectors
  • Station comes in manual and automatic versions
  • Fast and easy bump tests
  • Checks visual, audible and vibrating alarms
  • LEDs for tests in progress and pass/fail status
  • Easy-to-see LEDs give simple-to-understand test results
  • Maintenance free