MSA 10051141 Sirius Multi-Gas Detector

$ 4,859.10

Brand MSA

MSA Sirius® Deluxe Multigas Monitor contains multigas Monitor, rechargeable battery, sampling line, probe, carry line with belt clip, cordura jacket with harness, calibration kit and plastic carrying case. Multigas Monitor is capable of detecting % LEL, CO, combustible gases, H2S and O2. Durable Monitor incorporates patent-pending PID sensor with superior design that helps to reduces maintenance time and cost. Monitor is designed to offer safety and reliability across multiple applications and hazards. Monitor provides fast response times allowing users to constantly monitor both VOCs and combustible, toxic or oxygen-deficient atmospheres. Monitor is equipped with loud, attention-grabbing alarm system to clearly warn users of a hazardous situation. Monitor offers stable zero readings with fast response/clear times and operates on lithium ion battery that keeps instruments running 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week. Kit is ideal for confined space, combustible detection, toxic detection, oxygen detection and VOC detection applications. DUE TO THE SHELF LIFE OF GAS SENSORS, MOST MULTI GAS MONITORS ARE MADE TO ORDER BY THE MANUFACTURER. PLEASE ALLOW EXTRA TIME FOR DELIVERY OF THIS PRODUCT.
  • Reliable detection in a single easy to use and durable unit
  • Simultaneously monitor for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with low vapor pressures while measuring for combustible, toxic, or oxygen deficient atmospheres
  • Stable zero readins with rast response/clear times
  • The sirius multigas detector integrates MSA's proprietary patent pending PID sensor into a durable four gas detector that's designed and built for safety and reliability across multiple applications and hazards
  • Fast response times let users constantly monitor for both VOCs and combustible, toxic, or oxygen deficient atmospheres