Miller LPR-100 Respriator

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Brand Ammc

Safety always comes first. The Miller P100 Respirator features comfort and durability in hazardous situations.
  • Patented low-profile design maximizes field of vision: Fits easily under most welding helmets; optimal fit with Generation II Miller headgear
  • Wrap-around spark guard protects filters from spatter and other debris
  • Ergonomic design with minimal dead air space to keep user comfortable and cool
  • Large non-return exhaust valve eases breathing and reduces user fatigue
  • Four point head strap adjustments provide a customized fit
  • Exclusive pleated filter design provides additional surface area for maximum efficiency and filter life
  • Patented filter media maximizes efficiency in both humid and non-humid environments
  • Made of medical grade materials that are odor free, non-allergenic, latex and silicone free. Fit Testing is required for mandatory use
  • Fit Testing is required for mandatory use
  • Quantitative Face-Fit Test Kit - #261086
  • Replacement P100 Filters - #SA00818