Ezebreak MBIIX3-KIT Micro-Blaster IIx3

$ 1,799.00

Brand Ezebreak

The Micro-Blaster IIx3 has 3 Micro-Blaster II heads and a 3 way manifold-valve assembly to allow the triggering of 1,2 or 3 heads. The Micro-Blaster IIx3 will allow users to break much larger masses of rock or concrete than with just the single head models. This assembly comes with a small padlock and key to lock out the system rendering it unfirable between shots greatly adding to safety. Users will need to supply a source of compressed air or CO2 (minimum 75 psi, 7 gallon portable air tank recommended) to trigger their systems. If working in remote areas a "T" handle bicycle pump and our 1/2 gal aluminum air tank will allow for a very portable triggering system.