Micro-Blaster II

$ 780.99

Brand AMMC

The Micro-Blaster II is a safe and economical system for the cracking of rock and masonry. supported propellant technology, special blasting licenses don't seem to be needed. the tiny size of the system permits it to be utilized in virtually any location. Capable of breaking rock or masonry of almost any size by successive blasts, the Micro-Blaster II does its job with virtually no fly-rock, which can be completely eliminated with the utilization of light-mats. Pneumatically triggered from a 25 ft. distance, the system may be organized to allow multiple simultaneous shots employing a type of pressure sources together with co2 and compressed air. Designed for many years of trouble-free performance, the kit weights only 10 lbs. The durable molded case measures 15" x 12" x 6" and contains the Micro-Blaster II, a bore brush and bulb blower (for cleaning drilled holes), 2 tapered pins (for wedging apart cracked material), a CO2 bicycle inflation (for pressurizing the system), and instructions for safe use.