Merit Abrasives ALO FlexEdge Cloth Discs-Type II, 8834168539

$ 15.59

Brand Merit Abrasives

  • Best used on ferrous and nonferrous metals where initial price point is most important
  • Designed for softer metals where standard discs can gouge and for contour grinding of structural pieces
  • Type TS/II fit turn-on/turn-off metal attachment system
  • All QC cloth discs are designed to run on back-up pads that are rated at or above the RPM of the grinder
  • When using back up pads for FlexEdge discs, use one size smaller than the disc
  • Pack of 1 EA
  • Manufacturer part number: 8834168539

  • Quantity: 1 per package
  • Grit: GRIT
  • This item is a non-stock item and lead times may be upwards of 4 weeks.