$ 3,499.00

Brand Lincoln Electric

Got It Covered. Enclosed-Case Welder A great choice for getting the job done! For construction contractors, maintenance crews, farmers or ranchers, the Ranger® 225 does a variety of basic welding jobs. And with 10,500 watts of peak AC generator power, it handles a variety of other jobs: lights, grinder, Lincoln Electric inverter, plasma cutter (separate air supply needed) or emergency power. At your service – everyday.™

  • Totally Enclosed Case
    Engine is fully protected.
    3 service access doors.
    Low Noise – 76.4 dBA sound level at 23 ft. (7 m). 100.7 dB sound power (Lwa) at rated output.
  • Versatile DC Welding
    Smooth DC welding output for a broad range of stick electrode types.
    MIG, Flux-Cored and TIG capable (with optional equipment).
  • 10,500 Watts Peak Single-Phase AC Generator Power
    Peak for motor starting.
    9,000 watts continuous power for generator, plasma cutter or inverter welder.
    Lights, grinder, power tools.
  • 23 HP Kohler® Gasoline Engine
    2 cylinder, 4 cycle overhead valve air-cooled design.
    Oil drain extension for easy oil changes.
    12 gallon tank for extended run times.
    Visual fuel level gauge on both sides of unit.
  • Rugged Reliability
    Welding and AC Generator Outputs Rated at 104°F (40°C).
  • Totally Enclosed Case
  • Versatile DC Welding
  • 10,500 Watts Peak Single-Phase AC Generator Power
  • 23 HP Kohler® Gasoline Engine
  • Rugged Reliability
  • 210A/25V/100%
  • 225A/25V/40%
  • 15-25 CV
  • 50-225A DC
  • 10500 watts peak, 9000 watts continuous
  • Kohler OHV Command CH730
  • 23@3600
  • 2
DIMENSIONS (H X W X D) 29.9 in x 21.5 in x 42.3 in (759 mm x 546 mm x 1074 mm)
NET WEIGHT 514.000 (233.150 kg)
    • Power Plug Kit (20 amp) K820N
      Provides four 115V plugs rated at 20 amps each, and one dual voltage, full KVA plug rated at 115/230V, 50 amps. (Not for use with K1418-2, K1419-2 or K1616-1 CSA machines with GFCI receptacles.)
    • Full-KVA Adapter Kit K1816-1
      Provides convenient connection of Lincoln Electric equipment having a 240V AC 1-phase plug (NEMA 6-50P) to the full-KVA receptacle on engine-driven welders.
    • K1690-1 GFCI Receptacle Kit
      Includes one UL approved 120V ground fault circuit interrupter duplex type receptacle and installation instructions. Replaces the factory-installed 120V duplex receptacle. Each receptacle of the GFCI duplex is rated at 20 amps. Maximum total current from the GFCI duplex is limited to 20 amps. Two kits required. (1 kit for SAE-400® Deutz, SAE-500®, and SAE-500® Severe Duty™.)
    • K1898-1Spark Arrester Kit
      Attaches between muffler and exhaust elbow.
    • K886-2 Canvas Cover (Large)
      Protect your machine when not in use. Made from attractive red canvas that is flame retardant, mildew resistant and water repellent. For Ranger® 250 GXT, Ranger® 250, Ranger® 250 LPG, and Ranger® 305 G.
    • K1737-1 All Terrain Undercarriage
      For moving by hand at construction sites. Maneuvers over obstacles. Heavy-duty puncture-resistant tires.
    • K1770-1 Factory Undercarriage
      For moving by hand on smooth surface floors. Heavy-duty, puncture-resistant tires and front caster. Convenient steering handle.
    • K1745-1 Welding Gas Cylinder, LPG Tank Holder
      Holds welding gas. Use one or two holders with K1770-1 undercarriage.
    • K2635-1 Small Two-Wheel Road Trailer with Duo-Hitch
      For heavy-duty road, off-road, plant and yard use. Includes pivoting jack stand, safety chains, and 13 in wheels. Overall width 60 in. Stiff .120 in welded rectangular steel tube frame construction is phosphate etched and powder coat painted for superior rust and corrosion resistance. Low sway suspension gives outstanding stability with manageable tongue weight. Wheels bearings are packed with high viscosity, high pressure, low washout Lubriplate® grease. Features a Duo-Hitch+ - a 2 in Ball/Lunette Eye combination hitch.
    • K2639-1 Fender and Light Kit
      Allows use of trailer at night and as required by local regulations. Includes fenders, lights with guards, mounting brackets, wiring and hardware.
    • K2640-1 Cable Rack
      For storage of approximately 100 ft. (30.5 m) of 2/0 (70 mm2) welding cable per side.
    • K704Accessory Kit - 400 Amp
      For stick welding. Includes 35 ft. (10.7m) 2/0 electrode cable with lug, 30 ft. (9.1m) 2/0 work cable with lugs, headshield, filter plate, work clamp and electrode holder.
    • K875 Accessory Kit - 150 Amp
      For stick welding. Includes 20 ft. (6.1m) #6 electrode cable with lug, 15 ft. (4.6m) #6 work cable with lugs, headshield, filter plate, work clamp, and electrode holder.
    • K1783-9 PTA-26V TIG Torch (25 ft 2pc)
      Premium Air-Cooled Torches. Light and easy to use, these torches give you the power of maximum versatility and maneuverability. A molded, knurled handle gives you a sure grip so you can focus on the weld. “V” model torches provide a convenient gas control valve to turn off and on shielding gas at the torch. Whether you are an occasional TIG welder, fabrication shop or production welder, Pro-Torch™ TIG torches are right for you.
      • "V” model torches have a convenient gas control valve on the torch to quickly and easily control the shielding gas flow when a gas solenoid valve is not “built-in” to the power source.
      • Meet the performance needs of the professional.
      • Comfortable knurled handle for a non-slip sure grip for precise control of TIG Torch.
      • Molded lip/ridge on the torch handle for easy connecting of a zippered cable cover. Allows cable cover to be securely attached to torch handle.
      • All Pro-Torch™ TIG torches are made from the highest quality materials to assure high performance and long life.
      • One year Lincoln warranty on torch.
    • KP509 Parts Kit for PTA-26 and PTW-18 TIG Torches
      Magnum® Parts Kits provide all the torch accessories you need to start welding. Parts Kits provide collets, collet bodies, a back cap, alumina nozzles and tungstens in a variety of sizes, all packaged in an easy to carry reclosable box.
    • K126-12 K126™ PRO Innershield® 350A FCAW-SS Welding Gun 15 ft 1/16-5/64
      Semiautomatic Air-Cooled Self-Shielded Innershield® GunsLincoln has been the leader in self-shielded wire, feeders and guns for more than 50 years. The new K126™ PRO guns feature replaceable liners, interchangeable backends, long life Magnum® PRO contact tips, improved heat resistant gun tubes and better trigger lead protection. Select the Lincoln K126™ PRO series for your construction welding applications.
      • New replaceable liner system.
      • Magnum® PRO Copper Plus™ Contact Tips.
      • Replaceable contact tip holder - Easily replaced without damage to the gun tube if the tip seizes or fuses.
      • Interchangeable gun connectors for use on a wide range of feeders.
      • Integrated trigger leads in coaxial cable rather than externally routed - Improved protection against abrasion.
      • Stainless steel gun tube jacket.
        • Spatter resistant for long life and electrical isolation.
        • Popular 62° non-reverse bend is standard on the gun.
        • Optional reverse and non-reverse bend gun tubes are available.
        • Reverse bend design is used to help take the cast out of stiffer flux-cored wire.
        • Rotatable for improved access in tight spaces.
      • Extra trigger leads - Enable fast repairs.
      • Plated steel strain relief extends cable life.
    • KP1697-068 Drive Roll Kit .068 in (1.7 mm) Cored Wire
      Drive Roll and Guide Tube Kit for feeding .068 in (1.8 mm) cored wire.
    • KP1696-1 Drive Roll Kit Combination .035 in / .045 in Solid Wire
      Drive Roll and Guide Tube Kit for feeding .035 in (0.9 mm) or .045 in (1.1 mm)solid wire.
    • K3269-1 Magnum® PRO 100SG Spool Gun
      Precise Feeding Performance for Soft Aluminum Wire.The Magnum® PRO 100SG spool gun is the lowest cost way to add reliable and precise wire feeding performance for soft aluminum wire. It’s easy to set up for occasional and experienced welders on Lincoln Electric compact wire feeder/welders.
      • Premium Magnum® PRO expendables - Copper Plus™ contact tips and long-life diffusers with Anti-Seize™ threads.
      • Lightweight at only 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg).
      • For all aluminum alloys - Recommended wire diameters can be fed with the same drive roll and liner assembly.
      • Ergonomic grip - and balanced design.
      • Full travel mechanical trigger - Excellent feedback even through a welding glove.
      • 10 ft. (3.0 m) gun cable - Gun connector offers fast connections to the welding machine.
      • No expensive gun or bulky adapter module
      • Sturdy carrying case - Protects the gun during transport and storage.