Lincoln Electric K2471-2 Power MIG 140C MIG Welder

$ 734.00

Brand Lincoln Electric

POWER MIG.® The Professional’s Choice.
Home projects and repair, sheet metal auto-body work, farm and small shop welding—the POWER MIG® 140C designed for 120 volt household power does it all. Lincoln Electric® Power MIG® 140C MIG Welder supports diamond core technology, a patented choke design that delivers a forgiving arc, even with large stickout changes. Welder features dual gear-driven drive rolls for positive traction and patented split wire guides for optimal wire alignment. It is available with brass-to-brass gun connections for enhanced conductivity. It has large industrial closed design drive motor for improved torque and trouble-free performance. These also feature no hassle tool-less design for wire spool mounting, wire drive service and polarity changes. They provides toughest PC board protection in the industry, ‘Potted' to seal sensitive components from the environment, ‘trayed' in a tough plastic tray to add rigidity and shock resistance. Welder features economical, optional Magnum® 100SG spool gun for improved aluminum wire feeding performance. Welder requires input power of 120 V, single phase, 60 Hz and provides 90 A, 19.5 V rated output for 20% duty cycle. It also provides output range of up to 30 - 140 A DC and requires input current of 20 A. These include gas and gas-less nozzles, 0.025" and 0.035" contact tips and spindle adapter. 

  • Magnum® PRO 100L gun, 10 ft. (3.0 m)
  • Gas and Gasless Nozzles
  • Gas Diffuser
  • Cable Liner
  • .025 in. (0.6 mm) Contact Tips (Qty 3) KH710)
  • .035 in. (0.9 mm) Contact Tips (Qty 3) KH712)
  • Work Cable and Clamp
  • Adjustable Gas Regulator and Hose
  • Spindle Adapter
  • Sample Spool of .025 in. (0.6 mm) SuperArc® L-56® Mild Steel MIG Wire
  • Sample Spool of .035 in. (0.9 mm) Innershield® NR-211-MP Flux-Cored Wire
  • Learn-To-Use DVD
  • .025 in. (0.6 mm) and .025 - .030 in. (0.6 - 0.7 mm) Drive Rolls
  • .030 - .045 in. (0.7 - 1.1 mm) Knurled Drive Roll
  • .025 - .035 in. (0.6 - 0.9 mm) and .035 - .045 in. (0.9 - 1.1 mm) Wire Guides
  • Diamond Core Technology™ – Delivers a forgiving arc, excellent out-of-position arc action, low spatter and a wide voltage sweet spot at a given wire feed speed for steel, stainless steel or aluminum.
  • Industrial Cast Aluminum Drive – Dual gear-driven drive rolls deliver positive traction. Patented split wire guides ensure optimal wire alignment and a brass-to-brass gun connection aids critical conductivity. A large industrial closed-design drive motor improves torque and enhances trouble-free performance.
  • No Hassle Tool-less Design – For input power changes, wire spool mounting, wire drive service and polarity changes.
  • Spool Gun Ready – Just remove the standard MIG gun and plug in the economical Magnum® PRO 100SG spool gun (optional) for enhanced aluminum wire feeding performance.
  • Toughest PC Board Protection in the Industry – ‘Potted’ to seal sensitive components from the environment, ‘trayed’ in a tough plastic tray to add rigidity and shock resistance.
  • 120/1/60
  • 90A/19.5V/20%
  • 20A
  • 30-140A DC
  • .023 - .035 in (0.6 - 0.9 mm)
  • .030 - .035 in (0.8 - 0.9 mm)
  • 50-500
DIMENSIONS (H X W X D) 14 in x 10.15 in x 18.6 in (357 mm x 258 mm x 472 mm)
NET WEIGHT 71.000 (32.206 kg)
  • Welding Cart - K2275-1
    Full-featured cart is designed to store and transport a welder, 80 cubic foot gas cylinder, welding cables and accessories. Includes an angled top shelf for easy access to welder controls, a lower tray for added storage space, a sturdy handle and a convenient cable wrap hanger. Replaces K520.
  • Utility Cart - K520
    Accommodates power source, gas cylinder, tools and welding accessories. Includes adjustable handle, front casters, and rear wheels. Dimensions (HxWxD): 30 (min.)/34 (max.) x 18 x 35 inches.
  • Canvas Cover - K2377-1
    Protect your welder when not in use. Made from attractive red canvas that is flame retardant, mildew resistant and water repellent. Includes a convenient side pocket to hold your welding torch or gun. 
  • Spot Timer Kit - K2525-1
    This timer allows you to set a fixed weld time of up to 10 seconds that is initiated when you pull the gun trigger. Ideal for making consistent spot welds on thin sheet metal 
  • Canvas Accessory Bag - K3071-1
    Canvas bag available to store your welding accessories with convenient carrying handle and snaps to attach to your equipment.