Lift-It EE1-601 Eye & Eye Web Slings

$ 12.05

Brand Lift-It

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Eye and Eye slings can be used in choker, vertical and basket hitches. Slings with Half Twist (Type 4) eyes are furnished unless Flat (Type 3) eyes are specified. Sling eyes will be wrapped at the bearing point unless otherwise specified.

Tapered eyes are automatically furnished on slings over 2 inches wide to provide for a proper relationship between the sling and the lifting hardware. Eyes with no taper are available.

The bearing points of Half Twist (Type 4) eyes are oriented 90° to the sling body. The perpendicular relationship between the eye and body in Half Twist, Type 4 eyes results in a comparatively advantageous choke hitch, when compared to Flat (Type 3) eyes. Half Twist eyes perform equally well in vertical or basket hitches.

*Specify required Eye Type in the 'comments field' at check out

For Half Twist Eyes with Taper, specify "HTT" (EE1-902 HTT) Eye Width-1"
Half Twist Eyes with no taper, specify "HT" (EE1-902 HT) Eye Width-2"
Flat Eyes with Taper, specify "FT" (EE1-902 FT) Eye Width-1"
Flat Eyes with no taper, specify "FE" (EE1-902 FE) Eye Width-2"