Lift-It 1019464 Crosby Bolt Type Anchor Shackle

$ 11.74

Brand Lift-It

Bolt-Type Shackles can be used in any application where round pin or screw pin shackles are used. In addition, they are recommended for permanent or long term installations and where the load may slide on the shackle pin causing the pin to rotate. The bolt-type shackle’s secondary securement system, utilizing a nut and cotter, eliminates the requirement to tighten pin before each lift or movement of load.
  • Capacities – 1/3 through 150 metric tons.
  • Forged, Quenched and Tempered, with alloy pins.
  • Work Load Limit permanently shown on every shackle.
  • Hot Dip Galvanized (G) or Self Colored (S).
  • Fatigue Rated (1/3 Ton through 55 Ton).
  • Shackles 25 Ton and larger are RFID EQUIPPED.
  • Crosby products meet or exceed all requirements of ASME B30.26 including identification, ductility, design factor, proof load and temperature requirements. Crosby products meet other critical performance requirements including fatigue life, impact properties and material traceability not addressed by ASME B30.26. 
  •  Shackles 55 metric tons and smaller can be furnished proof tested with certificates to designated standards, such as: ABS, DNV, Lloyds or other certification. Charges for proof testing and certification are available when requested at the time of order.
Shackles 85 metric tons and larger can be provided as follows:
  • Non Destructive Tested
  • Serialized Pin and Bow
  • Material Certification and or Chemical Certification
  • Must be requested at time of order.
  • Look for the Red Pin®, it’s the mark of genuine Crosby quality.
  •  Type approval and certification in accordance with ABS 2006 Steel Vessel Rules 1-1-17.7 and ABS Guide for Certification of Cranes.