Kidde 466403 Proline Water Fire Extinguisher

$ 223.35

Brand Kidde

The Proline Water Fire Unit is designed for use on Class A (trash, wood & paper) fires. This unit offers the best value in the industry and is your best choice where Class A-type materials may be present. A charging adapter is required to charge the unit to working pressure.  This extinguisher is supplied empty and requires a 3rd party to fill and charge it.

  • Capacity Volume: 2.5 gal.
  • Extinguishing Material: Water
  • UL-Rating: 2-A
  • Fire Type: Common Combustibles
  • Operating Pressure: 100.0 psi
  • Operating Temp: 33 °F [Min], 120 °F [Max]
  • Operating Time: 55.00 s
  • Operating Distance: 30.000 ft [Min], 45.000 ft [Max]
  • Includes Wall Hanger
  • Mounting Position: Upright
  • Body Material: Stainless Steel