Lincoln Electric Invertec V155-S TIG Ready-Pak Welder

$ 1,249.00

Brand Lincoln Electric

The Invertec® V155-S weighing in at just under 15lbs, offers more than you would expect from a welder this size. Featuring 120/230V auto reconnect operation and can operate from a portable generator. It can also plug into a 200 ft. 230V extension cord so you can weld just about anywhere. Packing in the full punch of a heavyweight professional that you can take to the most demanding job sites.

Each assembled package contains:

  • Invertec® V155-S
  • Stick electrode holder and cable, 10 ft. (3.0 m) with Twist Mate™ plug
  • Work clamp and cable, 10 ft. (3.0 m) with Twist Mate™ plug
  • Fully adjustable shoulder strap
  • 120/230V input cord, 6.6 ft. (2 m) with a 120V 15 Amp plug
  • Extra 120V 20 Amp plug
  • Gas regulator
  • PTA-17V TIG torch with Ultra-Flex™ cable and Twist Mate™ adapter
  • PTA-17 TIG accessory kit (KP508)
  • Easy-Store/Easy-Carry Suitcase 
  • Two stick modes, SOFT and CRISP, provide the right arc characteristics for different types of electrodes.
  • Fan-As-Needed™ (F.A.N.™) reduces noise and dust inside the machine.
  • Auto-Adaptive Arc Force minimizes electrode sticking in the puddle without compromising arc stability or increased spatter.
  • Automatic Hot Start boosts the current during starting to make striking an arc easier.
  • Touch Start TIG® mode – it’s like getting a TIG welder for free!
  • 120/1/50/60
  • 230/1/50/60
  • 130A/15.2V/30%
  • 155A/16.2V/30%
  • 22.8A
  • 28.8A
  • 5-155A DC
DIMENSIONS (H X W X D) 11.3 in x 6.2 in x 15.4 in (288 mm x 158 mm x 392 mm)
NET WEIGHT 30.000 (13.608 kg)


  • Parts Kit KP508
    Magnum® Parts Kits provide all the torch accessories you need to start welding. Parts Kits provide collets, collet bodies, a back cap, alumina nozzles and tungstens in a variety of sizes, all packaged in an easy to carry reclosable box. For PTA-17 Series Torches
  • PTA-17FV - K1782-11,-13
    “F” model torches feature flexible heads for significantly greater comfort and access to tight spaces. "V” model torches have a convenient gas control valve on the torch to quickly and easily control the shielding gas flow when a gas solenoid valve is not “built-in” to the power source. Meet the performance needs of the professional. Comfortable knurled handle for a non-slip sure grip for precise control of TIG Torch. Molded lip/ridge on the torch handle for easy connecting of a zippered cable cover. Allows cable cover to be securely attached to torch handle.