Fein 92028236990 Turbo II HEPA Wet/Dry Dust Extractor

$ 599.00

Brand Fein

The Turbo II HEPA is a quality wet/dry vacuum cleaner. It has a connection so you are able to plug in power tools while in the workshop. Included in this purchase is a suction hose (4 m, 35 mm dia), tool coupling with suction control, 1 HEPA filter and filter bag. 
  • High performance turbine for 151 cfm (71 l/s) flow rate and 98.4" of water lift (245 mbar vacuum)
  • Low volume of 66 dB (A)
  • large range due to 19 ft power cord and 13 ft vacuum hose
  • Large wheels rotate 360° for optimal maneuverability, even in tight conditions
  • Tool coupling with suction control for easy control of suction power
  • Autostart outlet with power-on delay to prevent current spikes
  • Practical storage area with rim
  • Power consumption 1,100 Watts
  • Suction capacity 151 cfm
  • Static water lift 98.4 in
  • Capacity 8.4 gal
  • Weight according to EPTA 20.1 lbs
  • Cable with plug 19.7 ft