Ezebreak MBII-KIT Micro-Blaster ll

$ 780.00

Brand Ezebreak

The Micro-Blaster II is a safe and economical system for the cracking of rock and masonry in almost any size due to is successive blasts. The convenient size of the micro-blaster ll makes it easy to use in almost any location. A special blasting license is not required because of it's propellant technology. The Micro-Blaster II does its job with almost no fly-rock, which can be completely eliminated with the use of light mats. Pneumatically triggered from a 25 ft. distance, the system can be programmed for multiple simultaneous shots using a variety of pressure sources including CO2 and compressed air. The Micro-Blaster II is available in two versions, a single head kit as well as a triple head kit for larger projects. It requires only a 5/16 inch hole, 10 inches deep, the system allows the use of inexpensive drilling equipment, often a major expense for demolition work. Watch the Micro-Blaster ll Introduction Video.

Note: Loads and CO2 cartridges are not included in this kit

  • Designed for many years of trouble-free performance, the kit weights only 10 lbs.
  • case measures 15" x 12" x 6" and includes the Micro-Blaster II, a bore brush and bulb blower (for cleaning drilled holes), 2 tapered pins (for wedging apart cracked material), a CO2 bicycle inflator (for pressurizing the system), and instructions for safe use
  • Triggered by 75 psi pressure pulse simplifying drilling strategy, freeing the user from the restraints of the lanyard activation of the original Micro-Blaster. Pressure sources can be either compressed air or CO2 cartridge technology
  • Intrinsic safety: The system cannot fire until remotely pressurized by the operator
  • Simultaneous firing of multiple Micro-Blaster II units which allows much larger masses to be cracked through the use of a manifold/valve assembly connecting multiple units
  • Simplified assembly/disassembly for easier and faster field maintenance