Edge Eyewear DZ11-IR3-G2 Zorge G2 Welding

$ 10.95

Brand Edge Eyewear

The Zorge G2 is designed to look great on you as well as give full protection with the extended lens edges to provide peripheral protection. Your view with the these welding, polycarbonate, military-grade protection lenses won't be distorted because of the narrowed thickness in the lenses. The frames are designed of a lightweight Grilamid and nylon compound that provides a flexible, comfortable fit that you can wear all day. Welders, cutting torches, and other man-made UV sources can expose the eyes to UVC rays, the most harmful type of ultraviolet radiation. Welding lenses protect the cornea fro long-term exposure to infrared light. Keep your eyes protected while welding with these safety glasses. Choose the Light Welding or Medium Welding Lens for your specific work environment.