Council Tools Sledge Hammers

$ 27.40

Brand Council Tools

Council sledges are made for serious striking applications. From the 4# to the 20# they are built for heavy duty work and made to last. No matter what striking job you have, Council has the right sledge for you.
  • Forged tool steel head, Made in USA, with clear lacquer finish to deter rust.
  • Striking face is precision machined with proper radius and chamfer (bevel), providing safer performance.
  • Heat treated after machining for increased depth of hardness. Some competitors bevel the tool after the heat treat process. While this does appear more attractive, it leaves less depth of hardness.
  • Heat treatment produces fine grain structure and RC 46-54 (Rockwell) for safety and toughness.
  • Meets or exceeds ASME B107.54-2001
  • Hickory Handle is hydraulically inserted into head and secured with a serrated aluminum wedge, providing a very secure mechanical bond. Approximately 1/2" of handle length is removed during assembly.
  • Fiberglass handles are American-made, "jacketed style." (Polymer is injection molded around fiberglass pultrusion, similar to traditional wooden shape.)
  • Handle is epoxy bonded to bare metal eye, creating an extremely strong chemical and mechanical bond.