Cestus Gloves 6129 TC3

$ 12.95

Brand Cestus

When your work environment demands a glove with tactile grip and cut protection, the TC3 are the gloves for you. They are a breathable, durable thin pair of gloves. The palms are dipped in Polyurethane giving you maximum tactile dexterity along with cut and abrasion resistance.  The elasticized cuff provides a comfortable fit for you. 
  • Polyurethane-dipped palm: ensures dexterity and durability while in use
  • HPPE: adds cut, puncture, tear and abrasion resistance
  • Non-coated back: ensures glove is breathable and comfortable while in use
  • Form-Fitting Construction and Elasticized Cuff: ensures a snug fit while the gloves are in use
  • Hand-Washable and Hang-Dry Ability: allows the glove to be cleaned and reused