Cestus Gloves 4022 HM Handler Gloves

$ 49.95

Brand Cestus

Designed with extrication, safety, and search and rescue operations in mind to protect your hands from cut and puncture hazards. The HM Handler gloves have a dexterous anti-slip grip with cut and puncture resistance that is double stitched onto synthetic leather with Kevlar thread offering grip control and durability. The flexible thermoplastic rubber (TPR) on back of fingers adds impact protection.
  • One-Piece Anti-Slip Grip: Maximizes grip control and adds cut and puncture resistance to palm.
  • Kevlar Thread Stitched Palm: Reinforces a high-wear area, and adds longevity.
  • Flexible TPR on Fingers: Adds impact protection that bends with hand movement.
  • Accordion-Style Knuckle Padding: Protects the back of the hand and knuckles from light impacts, lacerations and abrasion injuries.
  • Elasticized Wrist Closure: Ensures debris is kept out of glove, and reduces bacterial growth