C.H Hanson Universal Horizontal & Vertical Milling Machine

$ 10,995.00


With the ability to do either vertical or horizontal milling Palmgren’s universal mill is the ideal solution for just about every milling application. Both the horizontal and vertical spindles each have their own dedicated motors, so power and ability are not compromised by the added versatility. Converting from the vertical mill to the horizontal mill set-up can be quickly done by rotating the headstock 180° on the column and installing the horizontal arbor into the machine. Once in the horizontal position you can do slotting or gang milling by installing multiple side and face mills on the arbor at one time. For vertical spindle positioning, the headstock tilts 90° left or right and swivels 360° around the column for added versatility. Oversized high grade cast iron construction for added rigidity and vibration dampening qualities. The all gear drive transmission delivers full power at any speed driving the cutting tools at nearly 100% of the available horsepower and torque. Equipped with steel hardened and ground shafts and gears, internally lubricated in a continuous oil bath for long term smooth operation. Heavy duty ISO 40 taper machine tools spindles supported by P5 dual taper roller spindle bearings with guaranteed spindle concentricity of .0005˝ at each of the two spindle noses. The precision ground, T-slotted table can be adjusted and positioned by means of the manual hand wheels or it is equipped with a motordriven table height adjustment and a motor and gear driven “X” axis table infeed for increased productivity and improved surface finishes on all your work pieces. With such a wide range of versatility and features, this all-purpose universal gear head milling machine is one of the most functional manual machining centers that can operate in all types and sizes of shops.

  • Integrated control panel that rotates for use on either side of the machine. Comes with all operating controls centrally located for greater operator convenience. Includes built in 3 axis DRO keyboard with glare-free screen.
  • 3 axis glass scale DRO
  • Fine feed mechanism with graduated dial for accurate down feed movement
  • Adjustable safety guard on vertical spindle 
  • Hinged table shield for easy access and cleaning
  • Adjustable flood coolant system
  • Work light 
  • Comes standard with drill chuck, ISO40/MT3 adaptor, ISO40/MT2 adaptor and horizontal milling spindle.