C.H Hanson Rotary Tilting Cross Slide Tables

$ 1,138.00


These remarkably precise tilting rotary tables provide all the combinations of movements and positioning necessary to add increased versatility on drill presses, milling machines, surface grinders or a layout table. Rotary indexing, lateral and transverse cross feed and graduated angle settings all in one table.
  • Accurately position work on the “X” and “Y” axis, as well as 360° table rotation 
  • Precision ground table top to 0.001˝ total indicator reading
  • A 5/8˝ keyway and mounting lugs are provided for locating and accurate, secure mounting
  • Smooth worm gear drive provides positive rotary feed 
  • Balanced ball crank feed handles do not exceed below the base to eliminate interference with the machine table
  • 4˝ cross slide travel
  • Cross slide dials are calibrated in 0.001˝ increments
  • Rotary dials are graduated in 3 minute increments and 1 minute increment on the vernier
  • Angular inclination from 0° horizontal to 90° vertical. Angular position is indicated in 1° increments and locked via 4 bolts and 2 side plates
Description Table Diameter (in) Travel (X x Y) (in) Base (X x Y) (in) Height at 0° (in) Weight (lb) Item # Model #
Rotary Tilting Cross Slide Table 8 4 x 4 9 x 5 5 45 9632804 84
Rotary Tilting Cross Slide Table 10 4 x4 9 x 5 5-3/4" 54 9634103 184