C.H Hanson Gear Head Milling Machine

$ 4,650.00


Palmgren’s deluxe gear head milling machine delivers the precision, power and versatility to handle a wide range of machining operations normally performed in much larger and more expensive milling machines. The all gear drive transmission delivers full power at any speed driving the cutting tools at nearly 100% of the available horsepower and torque. This mill is equipped with a high performance brushless DC motor with permanent current control and the latest technology variable speed inverter providing the broadest range of spindle speeds to fit any application. A rigid box column with hardened, ground and hand scraped dovetail ways provide accurate head positioning with minimum deflection and vibration. The milling head can be tilted right or left up to 90°. Precision machine tool spindle equipped with taper roller bearings and a guaranteed spindle concentricity of .0005˝ at the spindle nose. The cross slide table is precision ground with T-slots, adjustable limit stops, scale and three satin metal adjusting hand wheels. For added versatility our gear head mill comes with an automatic tapping mode providing high quality threads and an auto mode which allows the starting and stopping of the spindle through the three spoke hand wheel for greater productivity. This all-purpose mill is ideal for milling, drilling, slotting, engraving, boring, tapping and angle machining operations in all types and sizes of shops.

  • Tapping cycle 
  • Depth stop 
  • Digital speed readout 
  • Digital readout depth gauge 
  • Interlocking spindle safety guard 
  • Draw bar 
  • Way cover