C.H Hanson Combination Bench & Belt Grinder

$ 575.00

Brand C.H Hanson

Palmgren combined two machines into one. Ideal for grinding, deburring, polishing and finishing all types of parts, on any type of material. With such versatile capabilities this combination grinder eliminates the need for a number of different machines. Built with a powerful capacitor motor for use all day, every day.

  • Dynamically balanced rotor and sealed bearings minimize vibration and ensure accuracy
  • Front mounted safety on/off switch 
  • Adjustable work rests 
  • Dust collection ports 
  • Belt is adjustable in either the vertical or horizontal position or any position in-between 
  • OSHA compliant 
  • Unit fits 9670101 or 968600 tool stands
  • Description HP Volts Amps AC Belt Size (in) Belt SFPM Wheel Dia. (in) Wheel Face. (in) Wheel Speed (RPM) Arbor Hole (in.) D W H Item #
    Bench & Belt Grinder 3/4 120/240 7.0/3.5 2 x 48 4500 8" 1" 3450 5/8" 21 14 26 9682088