C.H Hanson Angle Milling Vise

$ 660.00


A truly heavy-duty angle vise for milling or other demanding machine applications. Solid iron construction with stress relieved design.

  • Made from FC25 fine-grain, cast iron 
  • Trapezoidal-thread lead screw with large cast-iron crank handle
  • Oversize angle hinge eliminates horizontal play 
  • Base and bed parallel to 0.004˝ (0.1 mm)
    Jaw surfaces square to 0.002˝ (0.05 mm) 
  • Less than 0.004˝ (0.1 mm) jaw deflection at 4,000 pounds clamping pressure 
  • 11/16˝ Keyway in angle base and swivel base 
  • Vise can be raised up to 45° and securely locked in place for rapid angular setups without the use of blocks or wedges
  • Knurled socket-head bolts with lock washers on side plates for quick, secure locking 
  • Finely etched hinge boss is graduated in 1° increments from 0 to 45° 
  • Removable swivel base is graduated in 1° increments a full 360°
  • Replaceable, smooth jaw plates constructed of hardened and ground tool steel
  • Lugs in both vise and swivel base for mounting to machine table 
  • Vise can be used with or without swivel base 
Description Jaw Width (in) Jaw Opening (in) Throat Depth (in) Overall Length (in) Overall Height w/o base (in) Overall Height w/ Base (in) Item #
Angle Milling Vise 6" 6" 2" 20" 6" 8" 9622604