C.H Hanson Air Over Hydraulic "C" Frame Bench Press

$ 8,550.00


For high speed, low cost operation our C frame presses are compact, affordable and fully self-contained bench top gap framed presses. They are suitable for applications that require a uniform pressing load throughout the stroke making them the ideal choice to handle a wide variety of operations as assembly presses, blanking presses, coining presses, forming presses, punching presses, riveting or staking presses. Heavy duty frame construction that resists deflection and maintain better parallelism than most other designs.

• Heavy duty cast iron frame ensures precision work
• Frame design optimizes strength plus provides a smaller foot print while delivering a larger work area making it ideal for production line applications
• Open frame allows unlimited part length both front to rear and side to side
• Ground t-slotted cast iron table makes the mounting of fixtures quick and easy
• Hydro-Pneumatic operation ideal for short, medium or high production applications
• Front mounted pressure gauge
• Remote pressure adjustment easily sets maximum pressure desired
• A two post guided tool plate to simplify your tooling connection and to support the ram ensuring accuracy and a stable ram movement
• Manual ram operation — rapid approach, power or pressing stroke, ram return all adjustable permitting accurate control of ram movement
• Standard ram end utilizes coupler with bored hole and two locking screws for easy and secure tool mounting
• Resettable parts counter
• Electric timer to automate the interval between the ram’s power stroke and return stroke for production applications
• Two hand safety circuitry — equipped with dual push start buttons that require both to be engaged before the ram will move and cannot be mechanically by-passed