Brady Prinzing Economy Lockout Kit

$ 108.50

Brand Brady

Our economy lockout kit provides 9 components to ensure equipment is either de-energized or lockout out in accordance with OSHA regulation 1910.47.
Kit components include:
  • 3-1 1/2" Steel Lockout Hasps (T220)
  • 3-Blue Prinzing Padlocks (LC041-BU)
  • 14-2 Padlock Identifier Stickers (LID-2)
  • 1-10 Pack Lockout Tags With Ties (LT-10)
  • 3-Single Pole Breaker Lockouts (BL01)
  • 2-Multi-Pole Breaker Lockouts (BL03)
  • 1-Large Plug Lockout (PLO23-BI)
  • 1-Lockout Training Booklet (2112X)
  • 1-Rugged Polyethylene Carrying Case (7"H x 12"W x 5"D).