Boart Longyear Jackleg Drill

$ 5,720.00

Brand Boart Longyear

The new S250-M3 has significantly improved the industry standard. S250 offering 3 primary configurations as well as advanced noise suppression.
  • Less Noise: Independent testing reported the S250-M3 produced 50% (6 dBA) less sound pressure than the leading competitor rock drills.
  • Less Cost: Due to reduced amount of energy transferred into the components of the S250-M3, less wear is experienced.
  • More Torque and Penetration: The S250-M3 channels more energy to the face of the rock and less into the body of the driller operating it.
  • Improved Efficiency: Torque increased by 39% and penetration by over 6 inches per minute at 110 psi.